Cuca Romley: New paintings inspired in Barcelona

The international Artist Designer Cuca Romley, living now in Barcelona, presents her New Paintings representing some of the most popular places of the city.

Las Ramblas, El Paseo de Gracia or La Plaza Real are some of the perspectives from Barcelona inspiring Cuca Romley.

Una vista de la Rambla de Cataluña de Barcelona
She corverts these sights in more coloured and happy images whith her particular style.

You can see more pictures of this New series from Cuca Romley about Barcelona in our Facebook page.

Acomodare: a space where you can enjoy old age

Acomodare is an innovative project that arises from the idea of creating a space where maturity and elderly are understood as an opportunity to enjoy a new lifestyle based on comfort, safety and entertainment.

A view of Acomodare´s reception room

Thus, the complex Acomodare Diagonal city, located in the upper area of Barcelona, is composed of two buildings. One of them offers apartments offered to self-employed persons that, with an average age of 65 years, choose to move to a home with basic services (cleaning, laundry, surveillance, medical care...) and exclusive services (personal shopper, private transportation to the city, barber, beauty, fitness center, sauna...). There are 81 apartmetns whose draft interior design has been entrusted to Barcelona Design Gallery.

The apartments of Acomodare enjoy green spaces, views of the sea and common areas. Comfort, safety and entertainment are the bases of the new style of life that proposes this innovative initiative

The location of the apartments proposed by Acomodare is especially exclusive: in the high area of Barcelona, in a residential and calm environment, with green spaces and views of the sea. There are a total of 81 apartments, single or double, with surface areas measuring 45 to 54 square meters. Each has a terrace of 14 square meters overlooking the sea.

The apartments, with a comforting interior design, are beautiful and welcoming.

If you would like, you can see more images of the apartments that Barcelona Design Gallery has proposed for Acomodare in our Facebook page.

Formentera: A series of Photographs by Francesc Arno

Francesco Arno is a photographer who has traveled a long and wide path that forms a demanding field of advertising photography. Born in Barcelona in 1947, today he is among the most renowned professionals of the world for photographs of Spain.

Arno has developed his work in various photographic disciplines, including reportage and landscape photography, which constitute the basic themes of his personal work.

A good example of his work is the series Formentera that is presented today in BDG NEWS. The collection is made up of almost twenty images from the Island of Pitiusa.

The reproductions that you can admire in Barcelona Design Gallery are of large scale and made of dibond aluminum. 

Upon viewing them, many might question whether the collection is made up of photographs or paintings, but no one can doubt that they are authentic works of art. You can view the full series on BDGs Facebook page.

All of the pictures in the series Formentera by Francesco Arno can be produced in the measurements and support specified by the client.

Design project for the public spaces of a five star hotel

Barcelona Design Gallery has recently presented an attractive interior design project focused on the common areas of a five star hotel located on a renowned Spanish island. 
A renderized view of the lobby from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea.

The reception area, lobby, hallway, dining area, and meeting room... The object is to capture the personality of the hotel through the different spaces using quality materials, integrating various works of art and showing a special care for detail and lighting.

Lighting is a very important element in decor, capable of provoking sensations and to enhance the enjoyment of aesthetic details. At the same time, it helps to set more romantic or tranquil mood in accordance with the expectations of every client of the hotel.

If you would like to see more photos of this particular project, you may do so by visiting the album published on Facebook.

Rampel: furniture that combines environment and design

Marc Van Rampelberg was born in Bélgica in 1949, but in 1981, he settled in Kenya and has since formed a family and succeeded in turning his hobby of woodworking into a career

This distinguished artist, known as Rampel, is a public advocate for environmental conservation and so, he elaborates his artistic talent in furniture with a design of surrounding forms that emulate nature.  His works demonstrate a deep respect for nature in that he works with wood manufactureres who solely practice active reforestation or with recycled, fallen trunks. Recycled wood is, addition to the being the most ethical way of making use of what nature has to offer, the most trustworthy wood since it will not suffer from movements or cracks.
Barcelona Design Gallery is one of the only places in the world, outside of Kenya, where these exquisite pieces can be admired and purchased. 

"Something beautiful should be a joy forever, and for any person. Because of this, my designs, that are made of local wood for selected artists, remind us that this source of beauty, the forest, should be retained so that can be enjoyed by future generations," affirms Rampel.

The chairs, benches, tables, desks and beds that come from the workshop of Rampel, are characterized by sinuous forms that appear to be in motion. All are handmade forms of fine wood and bear an exquisite attention to detail.  

Tuareg: photography by Sebastiá Caus and petroglyphs by Georg Massanés

Tuareg not only is the title but also the foreign protagonist of these small bibliophile jewels. Barcelona Design Gallery presents these works exclusively in two distinct formats: individually framed in 114x58 cm, or a collection of eight 43x32 cm laminated plates presented in a handmade folder.

These enigmatic works of art were made with four hands, since each one of the photographs of Sebastiá Caus is accompanied by a text as well as Tifinagh scripture symbols from the hand of Georg Massanés. Beautiful sceneries conceptually range: from the absence of limits for a traveler to the idea of infinity and eternity in the silent and starred solitude of the night. 

Here is Georg Massanés own narration of his artistic and symbolic experience: 

"In March of 1999, Sebastiá Caus traveled to a country convulsed by recent economic developments and torred what constitutes the greater part of the territory: the Sahara Desert. With a tour guide and other company, he underwent a graphic work which documented some of the most exotic and fascinating places of the country, a mole associated with the empty, torrid and inhospital limitless space: the desert. And though it may seem uninhabitable for man, the geography purely made of sand and stone in fact has a population: the Tuaregs or the Imuhagh, or, as they call themselves, "the noble" or "the free". This nomadic town of Berber ethnicity dates back to 1000 BC. Some Tuaregs formed part of the photographer´s team and allowed him create the collection of photographs that are now displayed in BDG

Sebastiá asked me ifI would help him paint Tifinagh symbols below the photographs. This first collaboration evoked a curiosity to experiment with paint in a group of photographs that could be manipulated.I asked him for two petroglyphic impressions in a large black and white format which would allow me to work with more freedom. Already in my shop, I prepared an emulsion of tanned color to establish a background tone for the images. To my surprise, the impression inks were slightly diluted which gave rise to black toned landscapes that created a beautiful pictorial affect. Finally, I painted the symbols from tifinagh scriptures. 

It is not often that two artists have the opportunity to create a work made of four hands: style, personality, subject matter and different technical approaches can ruin the work. However, in this case, the collaboration has been very satisfying for us both."

New Clock Sculptures by José María Reina

José María Reina surprises us with a new line of sculpture clocks inspired by a billiard cue. They are made of wood, lacquered wood and chrome. The artist and sculpture is innovative both in forms her choice of material. Her work reflects her gift to bring elegance and luxury to any everyday item, as is evident in this beautiful clock that presides in the Barcelona Design Gallery´s April showcase.

Accompanying the work of José María Reina is UBICAs auxiliary piece of furniture and an oil painting by Pepa Poch.

You´re invited to the presentation of the collection CONTRAST

On Thursday, May 3, from 6:00 to 10:00 the official presentation of the collection CONTRAST by UBICA will take place in Barcelona Design Gallery. The seven pieces of movable furniture of pure volumes and geometric shapes go in perfect harmony. Visually simplicity and functionality are their principle characteristics, as well as the warmth of the wood which nicely juxtaposes their smoothly painted surfaces.

We hope to see you there!

Western Design for office in Saudi Arabia

A western design was completed for a financial center in Saudi Arabia. The project was commissioned for 660 sq. m. of offices in a financial center in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

The project was commissioned by a company linked to the Royal House that was hoping to achieve a design that reflects a western cosmopolitan personality: fine but not ostentatious- a proposal which contrasts the country´s arabic culture. 

Siegfried Blume, owner of Barcelona Design Gallery, has imprinted his personal character in this project. The warmth of the woods used, such as rosewood, or the leather aged in malted tones, contrast with teh sobriety of stainless steels, flamed granite, and glass meshes. Western design that blends with the Arabic tradition reflected in large photographs that envelop some of the main walls. 

A renderized view of the Reception Room

The reception invites you to delve into this different world: when you exit the elevator a large lamp made of Artemide and a picture of Arabic architecture in a large aluminum dibond invites the visitor inside.
A renderized view of a Conference Room

The conference room is presided over by a large glass table measuring 4 x 1.4 meters. The design by Siegfried Blume adds contrast to the vertical structures of the Borneo jungle.

A renderized view of the common office space

The reception area is an open space of generous dimensions over which 8 plasma screens hang in a stainless steel structure. Several of the circular offices are arranged around these plasma screens to inform the practitioners of the stock values administered through these screens. In their corporate colors, our own BCB logo is reflected on the granite floor of Zimbabwe.

Renderized view of the President´s office

The project also includes several offices and various informal lounge areas.

Sonia Creus: creative textures and unique chromatic combinations

This oil painting by Sonia Creus is part of the permanent art collection of Barcelona Design Gallery.

With an artistic career dedicated to color and textures, this Catalan artist started in the textile industry. There during the 80´s, she studied fashion design in the avant-garde cities such as Barcelona and Milan. She spent these years dedicated to a professional career of fashion, not only for women´s clothes, but also for color prints and tapestries.

Beginning in 1995, she began decorative works, applying her creativity and ability to paint to tables, walls and furniture, often using trompe l´oeil technique and other decorative effects with texture.

Since 2007, she has dedicated her career to making paintings commissioned for individuals as well for hotels, banks and other public spaces. Her work is characterized by the use of textures and the combination of natural colors as seen in the painting ´Warm Window´, pictured below.

Warm Window, oil painting by Sonia Creus

BDG featured in Barcelona TVs "Plan B"

Barcelona Design Gallery is Barcelona TVs proposal to immerse themselves in a different and original space. In an interview the director, Siegfried Blume, this report gives a brief insight into the origins and the philosophies of BDG, as well as some of BDGs featured arists: Pepa Poch, Joan Fontanals, Mark Harvey and Jagdish Thackersey.

BDG GALLERY from BTVs Plan B on Vimeo.

Come meet us!

Pepa Poch reveals to BDG what will be the color of the summer

Pink will be the color of the this summer, according to  International Color Authority, an entity formed by twelve art specialists from around the world, of them that covers Spain: Pepa Poch.

On March 8, Spanish Television´s magazine People included an interview recorded in Barcelona Design Gallery where Pepa Poch unveiled that Pink will be the color for this summer. 

For ten years the canvases of Pepa Poch are a reference for teh colors that mark the new season: "We are experts in color and the decision is bases itself the necessary color," says Pepa in the interview which aired on Spanish television, "pink is identified with kindness, love and serenity". 

Para ver el vídeo, basta con hacer click sobre la imagen.

"Pink has helped us face the crisis in a more optimistic way," the journalist states. According to him, we will see pink in clothes, shoes, upholstery, and even in electronic devices. 

Tribute to Enric Miralbell

This month we dedicate a lovely remembrance to the recently deceased artist and designer Enric Miralbell. Born in Barcelona in 1951, through his intense creativity he was able to bring a personal touch to the panorama of art and design.
Armchair and foot-rest ORCA model and FIDJI lamp by EnricMaralbell

As the artist said himself, "Design is rebellion, finding a response to the utility, the life and vision of the project."

Sculpture and Painting works by Diego Guirao

The iron sculptural work and oil paintings of Diego Guirao are part of the Permanent Art Collection of Barcelona Design Gallery.
 Iron Sculpture in the series "Urban Anatomy"- Measurements: 22x90x40cm

Diego Guirao was born in Mataró (Barcelona) in 1956 y studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Since 1979, his work has appeared in exhibitions in galleries in Barcelona, Madrid, Zurich, NewYork, Rome and Palermo and can be seen, among others, in the Museum of Mexical (Mexico), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Porreras, Mallorca), the DOBE Collection (Zurich, New York) or in the National Library of Madrid.

"Tryptech in oil painting" by Diego Guirao - 123x104cm

BDG´s Project for La Escocesa

La Escocesa is an old industrial complex located in District 22, an area currently focusing on greater expansion and projection of Barcelona. It is this area that Barcelona´s City Hall is promoting as the new productive center of Catalan´s capital. In addition, its strategic location provides excellent access to the main routes of communication for the greater metropolitan area. Four of the commissioned buildings from the 19th century are part of Revenue Corporation´s project. The innovative urban planning coincides with the existing quality architecture, allowing for the creation of a unique space- one where historic buildigns can coexist in complete harmony with modern ones.
Rendering of the restaurant project for La Escocesa. The proposed tapestries are apart Pepa Poch´s Art Textile Collection by Ganceda, made of gold, silver, and bronze.

The various projects (including offices, a restaurant and a disco) that BDG has executed are presented through three dimensional computer renderings. The images create a great sense of realism of the space so that persons interested in acquiring these spaces can have an approximate idea of their possibilities before making their decision and committing to the invesment.
Rendering of offices for La Escocesa (Renta Corporación) 
The renderings form part of the methodology of work that Barcelona Design Gallery has practiced for more than 8 years adn whose principal result is the client´s greatest satisfaction.