Sonia Creus: creative textures and unique chromatic combinations

This oil painting by Sonia Creus is part of the permanent art collection of Barcelona Design Gallery.

With an artistic career dedicated to color and textures, this Catalan artist started in the textile industry. There during the 80´s, she studied fashion design in the avant-garde cities such as Barcelona and Milan. She spent these years dedicated to a professional career of fashion, not only for women´s clothes, but also for color prints and tapestries.

Beginning in 1995, she began decorative works, applying her creativity and ability to paint to tables, walls and furniture, often using trompe l´oeil technique and other decorative effects with texture.

Since 2007, she has dedicated her career to making paintings commissioned for individuals as well for hotels, banks and other public spaces. Her work is characterized by the use of textures and the combination of natural colors as seen in the painting ´Warm Window´, pictured below.

Warm Window, oil painting by Sonia Creus