Rampel: furniture that combines environment and design

Marc Van Rampelberg was born in Bélgica in 1949, but in 1981, he settled in Kenya and has since formed a family and succeeded in turning his hobby of woodworking into a career

This distinguished artist, known as Rampel, is a public advocate for environmental conservation and so, he elaborates his artistic talent in furniture with a design of surrounding forms that emulate nature.  His works demonstrate a deep respect for nature in that he works with wood manufactureres who solely practice active reforestation or with recycled, fallen trunks. Recycled wood is, addition to the being the most ethical way of making use of what nature has to offer, the most trustworthy wood since it will not suffer from movements or cracks.
Barcelona Design Gallery is one of the only places in the world, outside of Kenya, where these exquisite pieces can be admired and purchased. 

"Something beautiful should be a joy forever, and for any person. Because of this, my designs, that are made of local wood for selected artists, remind us that this source of beauty, the forest, should be retained so that can be enjoyed by future generations," affirms Rampel.

The chairs, benches, tables, desks and beds that come from the workshop of Rampel, are characterized by sinuous forms that appear to be in motion. All are handmade forms of fine wood and bear an exquisite attention to detail.