"Smoulder" an exhibit featuring Suzy Corby, will be extended until the end of January

This past September, BDG presented the exhibit "Smoulder", a collection of twelve photographs by Suzy Corby. "Smoulder" is an impressive array of black and white images setin a burnt forest for over the course of a decade. Corby´s intention in her this work is to invite reflection on the consequences of forest fires.

"Deep silence passes between the black branches and the mysterious fog envelops the burnt trunks.
White ashes whispering, carried by the wind.
Time passes, little by little the ground sprouts embracing the roots of the trees, like coal sculptures.
Witnesses who are interrogated on the defense of nature."
The photographer´s own text with which the collection was presented
The English photographer Suzy Corby with two images that are part of her collection "Smoulder".

Due to the interest that has elicited this collection, "Smoulder" can be visited in BDG until next January 31 of 2012.

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