Sculpture and Painting works by Diego Guirao

The iron sculptural work and oil paintings of Diego Guirao are part of the Permanent Art Collection of Barcelona Design Gallery.
 Iron Sculpture in the series "Urban Anatomy"- Measurements: 22x90x40cm

Diego Guirao was born in Mataró (Barcelona) in 1956 y studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Since 1979, his work has appeared in exhibitions in galleries in Barcelona, Madrid, Zurich, NewYork, Rome and Palermo and can be seen, among others, in the Museum of Mexical (Mexico), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Porreras, Mallorca), the DOBE Collection (Zurich, New York) or in the National Library of Madrid.

"Tryptech in oil painting" by Diego Guirao - 123x104cm