Pepa Poch presents her most recent paintings in BDG

A Photograph of Pepa Poch
Pepa Poch is an artist, sculptor and painter born in Barcelona in 1960. She is a member of the International Colour Authority (based in London), and her bold use of color in oil paintings have set trends across the globe.

"A spontaneous and energetic artist, but at the same time delicate, an execution tinted with a certain mysticism. She brings forth a totally creative work that sincere, but at the same time profound, which leads us to a doctrine of art in its purest form." (A quote from Josep Felix Bentz, art historian and critic, President of the Real Crecle Artistry of Barcelona). It is a pleasure and a privilege for Barcelona Design Gallery to host Pepa Poch´s latest largely formatted oil paints, ceramics, porcelain and textile fabrics.

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