“Le tumulte noir”, the mythical portfolio by Paul Colin is replicated in a limited series of 500 works

Paul Colin (Nancy, 1892), was a French poster designer who began his career to fame in 1925 with the poster made to promote "La Revue Negre", a musical show starring Josephine Baker and a group of twenty musicians and dancers from Harlem. The musical capitvated the French audience with a wild and never before seen dance series, now properly known as the Charleston. The success of the magazine- and poster- promoted the career of the young Colin, who went on to become one of the best graphic artists of his time. He has designed some 1,900 posters, mostly for the theatre or to promote the career of the American dancer who fascinated him since first encournter, and with whom he maintained a close friendship.

In 1927, Colin contributed thirty illustrations to the biography of Josephine Baker and organized a show, "Bal Negro", which more than 3,000 Parisians attended in the Champ-Elyseès. All this effort to celebrate "the black madness" inspired him to create, "Le Tumulte Noir", a collection of posters the artist drew directly on lithographic stone. The posters are colored with a craft technique called "Pochoir", and is characterized by flat areas and vibrant poster paint or watercolors. 
"Le Tumulte Noir" became a mythical portfolio consisting of 45 original lithographs which reflect Paul Colin´s deep admiration for the music, the dance, and the recklessness associated with the jazz movement, in addition to his talent in graphic design. A few illustrations are clearly influenced by African sculpture, Cubism, and Art Deco and a true work of art was published in 1929 by "Editions du art Succes" (Paris)
In November 2011, almost 100 years after the first publication, the editor of Anthese Publishing, Nicholas Draeger, commissioned a new limited edition of 500 numbered copies with texts by Pascal Blanchard and Daniel Soutif. The 45 lithographs (32x48cm) were carried out on ivory paper heavyweights so as to respect the techniques of printing and later craft coloring of the time. Presented in an attractive leather folder, the result is an exquisite collection that preserves the freshness and originality of Colin´s mythical collection. It can be purchased at Barcelona Design Gallery for the price of 900 Euros.