Pepa Poch reveals to BDG what will be the color of the summer

Pink will be the color of the this summer, according to  International Color Authority, an entity formed by twelve art specialists from around the world, of them that covers Spain: Pepa Poch.

On March 8, Spanish Television´s magazine People included an interview recorded in Barcelona Design Gallery where Pepa Poch unveiled that Pink will be the color for this summer. 

For ten years the canvases of Pepa Poch are a reference for teh colors that mark the new season: "We are experts in color and the decision is bases itself the necessary color," says Pepa in the interview which aired on Spanish television, "pink is identified with kindness, love and serenity". 

Para ver el vídeo, basta con hacer click sobre la imagen.

"Pink has helped us face the crisis in a more optimistic way," the journalist states. According to him, we will see pink in clothes, shoes, upholstery, and even in electronic devices. 

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