"La Vida" by Pepa Poch stars in BDGs new showcase

"La vida" is the most recent creation of the passionate Catalan artist that can now be admired in BDG. It is an impressive oil painting on flax canvas measuring 170x30cm, which represents teh passage of time and living expieriences, a personal infinite path that invites reflection. The rich blues, violets, turquoise and gold are spiritual and healing.

As Pepa Poch once said in an interview with writer and journalist María José Wynn: "Painting is a way of reasoning, an opportunity to deepn my vision of reality. Many times it is to arrange all my being in order to understand that constant external provocation to the unconscious. I enjoy when the unconscious gets underway. Then I feel the temperature of light on what I want to paint. I begin to notice the emergence of color and feel the need to balance the tones and harmonize the contrasts of energy that I am receiving. Everything is real, the theme to paint, the emotion that gives character to the box, and the illusion that transforms visual reality is a huge process of transformation of reality because there is also a process of intellectual and emotional growth.
The creator in Barcelona Design Gallery in front of her work "La Vida" (2012)