"Mystique of the East" Jagdish Thackersey´s newest collection of photography

Mystique of the East is the original work of Jagdish Thackersey that focuses on Asian spirituality. This Bombay industrial photographer, invites viewers to delight their senses through twenty beautiful, black and white images. Together, these pieces share themes such as exotic nature and the piety and the mystique of certain Asian regions. It is a question of a subjective psychological reflection, which the author obtains in digitally transforming the original photos.

The resulting images have been reproduced on aluminium dibond by EGM laboratories. This technique of photographic reproduction of exceptional quality, as well as their large scale, make the collection a spectacular sight.

We illustrate this article with our favorite images. The original photograph was taken by Jagdish Thackersey in March of 2009 on the banks of the Narmanda River. This River is especially notable as it passes through Chandod, one of the most sacred towns in India, famous for the celebration of Hindu burial rituals.

The collection "Mystique of the East" by Jagdish Thackersey is part of the Permanent Art Collection of Barcelona Design Gallery.

If you would like to see the photos from the exhibits opening, held in November 2009, you may visit the albums published on Facebook. You can also follow the photographic work of Jagdish Thackersey through BDG´s Facebook page.